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The Best Type Of Photos To Use In Your Rental Property Listing

Photos are the first thing guests see when they browse through the internet looking for apartments or homes. Pictures play a key role in rental property listings and will likely decide whether guests are going to rent your property or not. Therefore, photo optimization is really important if you want to give your potential guests a great first impression. We’ve put together some tips that might help you. 

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In This Article:

  1. Tidy up and Declutter
  2. Light up 
  3. The More Angles, the Better 
  4. Post Photos in Order
  5. Don’t Forget Outside
  6. Hug the Corner
  7. Focusing on the Main and Unique Features 
  8. Have Good Furniture Placement
  9. Use a Filter for Photo Optimization  


With Good Photo Optimization, You Will Have More Guests

Tidy up and Declutter

a girl wearing glove and ckeabubg | Tidy up and Declutter | The Best Type Of Photos To Use In Your Rental Property Listing

Having a clean, neat, and tidy room is the first thing you might need to prepare before taking pictures of your property. We can’t stress enough how essential this is. You really have to make sure that your prospective tenants can imagine themselves living here. And if they see things lying around, cluttering the space, you can be sure that it won’t be happening anytime soon. 

You can’t expect to show people a place that looks messy and expects them to rent it. Therefore, put your time and effort into cleaning things up by throwing things that you deem unnecessary and organize the furniture, artwork, ornaments, soft furnishings, etc., so the rooms look appealing. 


Light up 

Lighting can make a property look more spacious and slicker. The amount of light in the room can make all the difference. Using photo optimization tricks like displaying the room with light is one that can attract more potential tenants. 

What better light source than the natural light from the sun that you can use to your advantage. Open up all doors, windows, blinds, curtains, and turn on all the property lights to give more brightness. It will significantly contribute to your first visual impression on the listing site. 

Plan carefully and decide which time is best for you to take photos. The golden hour with the best natural lighting possible is in the morning about an hour and a half after dawn and an hour and a half before dusk. On the other hand, if you want to show off your light of the house through lights and lamps, we suggest you choose the evening at about 7 to 8 p.m. It’s the perfect time to shoot the living room and bedrooms to make it look homely. 


The More Angles the Better

Remember to put yourself in the tenants’ shoes and imagine what they want to see when browsing through the property listing site. You can’t just show them only one or two pictures and expect them to imagine themselves staying there. Even when you describe everything in the listing, it’s not going to be as effective as showing them your property’s actual photos. You know what they said: “a picture worth a thousand words.”

In addition, make sure to move around and take pictures from different vantage points to highlight the variety of features on offer. 


Post Photos in Order

On top of that, post the photos in a logical order as if you are walking around the property and showing the visitor around. You want to give them the idea of what your place looks like as a whole.


Don’t Forget Outside

2 chairs are placed with the hear with the forest view | Don’t Forget Outside | The Best Type Of Photos To Use In Your Rental Property Listing

Don’t forget about the yard if you have one. This can be a great space to show off to people with kids, pets, or just those that like to sit outside at night.


Hug the Corner

It can be hard to get a good picture of an object, and it’s even harder to take a picture of a whole room, especially when you’re standing in the middle of that room. To get a good overview shot of the whole place, you might need to avoid standing against a flat wall. Instead, position yourself in the corner of the room so you can get the best perspective. That will give the picture depth and width. 


Focusing on the Main and Unique Features 

Are there any extra amenities that you want to show the guests? This is the perfect opportunity for you to do so. Whether it’s a pool, a crib, a basketball court, or a ping pong table, BBQ area, take the pictures and let them see for themselves. One of the easiest ways to draw the guest’s attention is to show off these unique extra features.


Having Good Furniture Placement

Think about where and how you should put furniture so that the place looks more spacious and welcoming. Plus, try adding some props to enliven the room. With good prop placement such as a laptop on a desk with some documents or a dinner layout for four on the dining table, you can make your place multi-functional for prospective tenants.


Use a Filter for Photo Optimization  

Don’t worry about not having an expensive modern camera; just the camera on your smartphone is enough. It’s not only fast and easy but also convenient. Nowadays, thousands of apps help you edit your photos from adjusting lighting to changing color. Try using some of them on the picture of the living room that you just took and see what you can do with it. You’ll be surprised at what modern technology can do with optimization.

Whatever the case, it’s definitely better to have a vast selection of pictures to choose from. Doing this will help you find the picture with the most lighting and the one with the most eye-catching effect. Photo optimization is most effective when you have a great source of material to work with. 


Have you tried any photo optimization tips we mentioned above? Let us in the comment section below.

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