BoomSTR 4 Step System

Direct Booking is the next big thing in the STR world. You’ll always rely on the big sites for bookings, but to maximize the financial potential of your STR you’ve got to start capturing your own bookings, on your terms and with the opportunity for future bookings from those travelers.

Your BoomSTR experience begins with a dazzling, fully functional, e-commerce enabled website that will wow your visitors and get those direct bookings rolling in.

The boomSTR system provides you with powerful tools to optimize the three most powerful factors that will most significantly impact your listing’s revenues: 1) Photos 2) Rates, and 3) Content.

Our boomSTR team will optimize your listing revenues by devising a custom plan to improve each of these important listing performance areas.

BoomSTR supports you with full digital marketing services, from keyword research and selection, to optimization, from conversion tracking to landing page testing and targeted ad copy.

Our social media tools will then help you push travelers to your dedicated website. Our Google Analytics helps you understand what the data is saying about your ad spending results.

BoomSTR’s team of experienced STR professionals can quickly spot issues relating to your property, your listing, your pricing and your calendar options that can make a huge difference in your annual profit.

From optimizing pricing, to setting better calendar rules and from adjusting your bed configuration to updating your property, BoomSTR is there to help you generate more bookings, better bookings and higher profits.

We live in an era where there's an app for everything. In the world of STR’s there are apps for pricing, calendar management, vendor management and apps to manage your marketing data. But none of them work seamlessly together, or are fully integrated into a cohesive system designed to maximize efficiency and income.

As vacation rental owners, hosts and operators ourselves, boomSTR was created out of our own need to manage everything we do. Our properties routinely meet or exceed monthly revenue goals, with less work, higher efficiency and, honestly, a lot more fun!

That’s why we’re offering the boomSTR system to you. It includes a channel manager that integrates listings across any booking site out there, pricing and calendar management based on real-time data, direct booking capability through your own property webpage, fully-integrated digital marketing and training, education and consulting.

It’s the first total solution for maximizing profits and creating efficient operational systems designed specifically for short-term rentals, whether you operate 1 or 100.


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