Executive Team

Jerry Conti

Founder & CEO

A serial entrepreneur, Jerry has built successful companies in several industries. He oversees all boomSTR operations and leads our Sales & Marketing team. Jerry is based in Temecula, California.

Brian Young


Brian is in charge of operations, enterprise sales process, and customer fulfillment at BoomSTR. Brian has 15 years of marketing, sales, and planning for diverse product lines. 

Hilary Young

Financial Controller  

Hilary manages and oversees the financial affairs for the Lux Family of companies. She has been working in accounting for 20+ years managing both large and small companies.

Ed Rholl

Training & Education

A former practicing attorney, Ed has been a professional writer for more than 20 years. Author of several published training courses and business books, Ed oversees the boomSTR Training team.

Client Support Team

Carlie Arisa 

Project Manager

Carlie is our project manager overseeing FB, Instagram, and Google Advertising for clients.

Jessica Wrubel 

Channel Manager

Jessica is our marketing coordinator and channel manager at BoomSTR.

Morgan Conyers

 Social Media Manager

Morgan manages and oversees all social media marketing efforts for BoomSTR clients.

Lisa Loperfido

SEO Specialist

Lisa Manages and oversees the SEO efforts for boomSTR.

A man is writing on a note with a laptop beside | Coming up with a Plan | 5 Smart Tips for Hosts During the Pandemic

Jude Colina

Blog Writer

Jude Manages and oversees the blog writing efforts for boomSTR. 

Wes Schaeffer

Director of Sales

Wes is our Sales Director and oversees all sales at BoomSTR. 

Vipin Mahasayan

Website Developer

Vipin is a developer working closely with our clients to develop a world-class optimized site.

Jon Haarstad

Graphic Designer

Jon is our graphic designer who handles all visual support on and off-line for BoomSTR.

Dwain Jeworski

IT Specialist

Dwain is our IT Specialist and oversees technical support for our clients and BoomSTR. 

Laurina Stapleton

Ad Optimization Specialist

Laurina manages all ad optimization content for our clients and for BoomSTR.

Jim Farren

Client Onboarding Director

Jim handles onboarding for incoming BoomSTR clients and helps them get set-up for success.


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