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Boost Your Vacation Rental Bookings With A Website Or Blog

Words create an emotional connection to you and your property. Research shows when people connect to a property, they’re significantly more likely to make a booking. In today’s competitive environment making sure people bond with your property can make all the difference. We take a closer look at how your vacation rental blog and website content can boost your bookings.

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In this article:

  1. Property Descriptions
  2. Video Scripts
  3. Homepage and Website Copy
  4. Host and Owner Profiles or Biographies
  5. Mission Statement
  6. Brand Philosophy
  7. Newsletters
  8. Vacation Rental Blog
  9. Advertising Copy


Property Descriptions

Property descriptions are one of the most crucial elements of your rental property listings. Many people look at your photos, but they read the property description to find extra information. 

It’s also the part of your listing that speaks to potential guests. The description should draw them in and make them feel what it’s like staying at your property. So, it’s crucial to highlight your property’s best features without being too ethereal while still building an emotional connection.


Video Scripts

a woman is recording by camera | Video Scripts | Boost Your Vacation Rental Bookings With A Website Or Blog

People are 40 times more likely to share visual content than any other type of content. A video is a great way to spark interest in your vacation rental blog and start a conversation with your guests.

For this reason, it’s vital to plan content and to write video scripts that convey the right message. A well-crafted video script will help you create a video that’s well organized and professional, as well as shareable.


Homepage and Website Copy

a person is using laptop | Homepage and Website Copy | Boost Your Vacation Rental Bookings With A Website Or Blog

Your website is like your shopfront, and your homepage is effectively the first thing potential guests see. The first step in winning the online game and getting more bookings is to make a cohesive, strong impression of your business. 

Additionally, your homepage serves as a portal to the rest of your website. In other words, it needs to both stand-alone and persuade visitors to take it a step further and explore the rest of your website.  

Your website copy, on the other hand, is what makes visitors come back. If your vacation rental blog has high-quality content, visitors will probably come back, share your content, and increase your traffic.

Furthermore, website copy plays a huge role in your overall brand image. High-quality website copy is like an excellent salesperson; it’s compelling, sincere, and motivates guests to stay at your property.


Host and Owner Profiles or Biographies

In many ways, online bookings are similar to online dating. And like a dating profile, if your host profile has missing, incorrect or fake information can cost you a booking. 

Your host profile is the window to how you do business. Taking the time to craft a strong profile shows potential guests what you are like as a host. It also tells guests how they can reach you.

It allows you to introduce yourself to potential guests while helping them feel at ease because they get to learn a little bit more about you as a host. So they know what to expect and how 

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Mission Statement

Many rental property owners think a mission statement is only for large businesses, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. A mission statement provides focus, summing up your company’s core values, objectives, and strategy, and can be valuable to any business, big or small. 

Firstly, a mission statement determines the direction you’re moving in and what you have planned for the future. Because of this, your mission statements shape your strategy. It also provides a template for decision-making and facilitates evaluation and improvement.


Brand Philosophy

Like your mission statement, brand philosophy wields great power. It’s the code of ethics, set of values, and principles that define your organization’s overall culture and ambiance. 

Your brand philosophy makes who you are and what you stand for abundantly clear. In general, it affects how you run every aspect of your business, from managing your property to what you write in your vacation rental blog.



Newsletters are a great tool to communicate regularly with your guests about any promotions or changes to your property. Besides, newsletters ensure your vacation rental blog doesn’t fall into oblivion, increase website traffic, and create visiting habits. 

Newsletters are yet another way potential guests can bond with your property, and it also helps build trust. Moreover, it keeps your property in the mind of guests. So, the next time they’re looking for a rental property, they’ll remember you and your property. 


Vacation Rental Blog

A vacation rental blog can be incredibly valuable to a variety of people for many reasons, from providing useful information to building engagement. But most importantly, it can help boost your bookings.

Firstly, your vacation rental blog can help grow your business by attracting and audience. Next, it’s a great way to boost SEO and make it easy to find your property on the internet. At the same time, a well-written blog can help your property stand out from the sea of vacation rentals in your area. 

Lastly, a vacation rental blog can help others. Your words have the power to educate, comfort, and convince others, whether it’s about the area your property is in or about your field of expertise. Blogging is a brilliant way to share your knowledge with the world.


Advertising Copy

People often underestimate how important copy can be. The picture might attract guests, but it’s the copy that sells your property. 

Advertising copy plays a vital role in the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. Carefully drafted advertising copy can create interest, invoke emotion, grab attention, and lead the prospects to book your property. 

In short, never undervalue the importance of words when it comes to your rental property. Your website or blog can affect every aspect of your property, from your business’s values to the type of guest you attract. So, make sure the next time you write, it communicates your philosophies, make guests connect with your property, and highlights all the best parts of your short-term rental.


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