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3 Ways Your Vacation Rental Could Benefit From Channel Management

Vacation rentals are becoming increasingly more popular, especially in the last few years. Visitors and travelers are choosing them as an alternative to hotels and resorts. 

As a host, it can be time-consuming and tedious to manage all your properties and attract more guests to choose your services. With the help of channel management platforms such as BoomSTR, you can easily manage your properties, communicate directly with travelers, and take bookings on your own terms.

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In This Article: 

  1. What Is Channel Management Exactly?
  2. How Does Channel Management Work?
  3. What Are the Benefits?
  4. Why Do You Need Channel Management? 


Benefits from Using Channel Management 

What Exactly Is Channel Management?

a person is holding a pen and typing on the laptop | What Exactly Is Channel Management? | 3 Ways Your Vacation Rental Could Benefit from Channel Management

During the digital era, channel management is a useful online method for STR Homeowners to monitor and manage their property just with a computer or a mobile device. These sites allow hosts to list out their property across a variety of other channels, manage, and have an overall view of how the business is doing. 

BoomSTR RPM software supports individual owners, hosts, and short-term rental management companies to get more bookings, providing them with a direct pathway to independence from reliance on big individual booking websites.


How Does Channel Management Work? 

Channel management software works by connecting your booking platform or any of your property management systems directly to online distribution channels. Whenever a guest makes a reservation on your website or any connected channels, the software will automatically update your property’s availability on all the rest of the sites. 

This kind of connection makes your listing always consistent and accurate, no matter the number of sites you promote your property on. You will also only need one central calendar to manage all of your reservation instead of manually logging in and out to change the vacancy. It also allows you to make any necessary changes to your listing, such as adding a new property.


What Are the Benefits?

Smooth Streamlined Access

Sometimes, you can get really frustrated as you can’t remember the right password for your account on a listing site. If you want to get as many visitors to check out your property, you might need to post your property on many sites to get the best result. It will be a real struggle to keep track of all the passcodes. 

Channel management is going to be a life-changing tool for you. The process will be a lot easier for you as you will be able to manage your access to different websites with only a single entry through the primary channel manager. 

No more remembering different passwords for each account on various websites. This allows you to efficiently perform other essential tasks such as booking, scheduling, rescheduling, administration without having to repeat the same task over again on multiple webpages. 



Managing and monitoring through different sites can be a time-consuming process, as those sites have different formats and layout. In this digital era, you need speed and flexibility to keep up with all the competitors in the ever-changing rental industry. Getting used to all the various websites can take a lot of time, which you can spend doing something else like thinking of new strategies, promotions, and improvements. 

The automation of channel management gives you the ability to book, organize, and message the guest directly for confirmation, further information, and payment. You also don’t have to do extensive research or study using a listing platform efficiently, which can help you save a lot of time and effort. 


Save Money

Instead of paying different websites for showing your property to potential tenants, you can cut down your cost just by using a channel management system. You will still have the same result as paying for individual websites with an additional advantage of managing everything on one website. 


Why Do You Need Channel Management? 

a villa with a pool on the front and surrounded by trees | 3 Ways Your Vacation Rental Could Benefit from Channel Management

Quick, efficient, precise – all the things you need to succeed in the vacation rental business. If you have been wondering about whether or not you should use a channel manager when managing your property, think about these questions.

  • Do you own at least one vacation rental?
  • Are you advertising your vacation rental or considering doing it? 
  • Are you looking for a time-saving and effortless method to manage your rental?
  • Do you find it expensive to use multiple rental listing sites?
  • Have you ever canceled your guests due to overbooking? 

If the answer to any of the questions above is yes, a channel management system will be an excellent addition to your business. There’s no harm in using a handy tool to keep your rental business running smoothly, and with its dynamic flexibility, you will have full control over properties. However, you might need to choose carefully which one is best suited for you as there can be many different sites with different features and costs.

The easiest solution for your managing problem is to use a channel management system such as BoomSTR RPM software. It can keep track of all of your information from you and your guests with a user-friendly interface. You can also have a better connection and direct interaction with your guests, which will create a big impact on your business. 



Do you intend to use any channel management system to run your business? What would you spend your time, money, and effort that you get from using the tools? Tell us in the comment section below!!

Do you own a rental property? BoomSTR can help you solve your property marketing challenges. Schedule a consultation today.


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