Welcome to next generation of property management software.

If you own, manage or host 25 or more properties, LMPM, will seriously increase your direct bookings with our fully integrated WordPress 5.8+ booking website. LMPM booking websites make it easy for your guests to book directly and they’re incredibly simple to customize.

Website Builder

Your account includes a fully hosted Wordpress site, so you can take online bookings directly under your own branded website right away. Custom domains supported!

Full Trust Accounting System that's easy-to-use!

Use our advanced Trust Accounting system to consolidate your accounts each month and  generate monthly statements. LMPM's Trust Accounting system is the easiest to setup and  the most user-friendly. LMPM v2.2 also uses live streams of accounting data so all screens  are updated in real-time no matter how many accountants or book-keepers are signed in.


LMPM has integrations with Homeaway/Vrbo, Airbnb, RedAwning, Rentals United, Operto,  BeHome247, Key Data Dashboard, VR Scheduler, and others coming soon via LMPM’s Open API.

Multi-region Stripe Payments

We process credit card payments using Stripe and you can add multiple Stripe accounts for properties in different regions to comply with Trust Accounting rules in different regions.

Owner Contract Management

LMPM keeps track of who owns your properties, and for what dates they own them.  You assign an Owner Contract to each Owner, so the system can keep track of how  much money is owed when generating monthly owner statements.

Owner Portal

Your owners can use the LMPM Owner Portal to view property performance, make bookings for themselves or their guests, and download their monthly owner statements.


A built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps you track potential leads, and follow up to convert them into bookings.

Unified Inbox

All emails and inquiries from integration channels, or your website, come into a unified inbox, where you can tag them, mark them as "needs follow up", or assign them to a specific member of your team.

Email & Document Templates

Customize the look and feel of emails sent to your customers with our email template engine,  and create dynamic rental agreements with our document template engine.

eSign Rental Agreements

Your guests can digitally sign rental agreements before checking in using our eSign system.

Rich Property Listings

Property listings in LMPM can include high-resolution images, embedded YouTube/Vimeo videos, Matterport tours, custom amenities and much more.  You can also group properties for easy management and filtering, and even add custom fields for advanced use cases.

Advanced Booking Engine for Complex Trips

LMPM has the most advanced and easiest-to-use booking engines in the industry.  Add multiple property bookings to a single trip, along with add-on products and fees.  You can build trips with multiple options and choose which options to send as a unified quote, allowing your guests to choose which options suit their needs best with one-click-buy.

Powerful Deals

Our powerful deals give you fine grained control to achieve even the most complex logic.  Deals can be set to only apply for specific dates, time of booking, minimum / maximum stay length, or only applied to certain properties. You can also add any number of excluded date ranges, and even add promo codes that guests will need to enter on your website for the deal to be applied.

Work Orders

Let LMPM manage your housekeeping, maintenance, or any other type of work relating to the properties you manage.  You can also create Automated Work Orders that are created based on your booking flow.  For example, LMPM can create a housekeeping Work Order automatically whenever a guest checks out, or a mid-stay clean on Day 7 of a 15 Day stay - anything!

Vendors, Activities and Add-on Products

You can add all of your Vendors in LMPM and all their Product offerings.  This means you can book anything from limo services to ski passes for an extra revenue stream and a better guest experience. Guests can even book add-ons themselves on your LMPM website!

User Management

Create separate logins for all your staff members and assign each with a specific User Type.  You can also customize specific permissions per user to make sure each member of your  staff only has access to the content they need.