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How To Write A Good Host Profile: 7 Things To Include

 The host profile is the most often overlooked aspect of a listing, even though a good one can be a huge draw for potential renters. To help you stand above the competition, incorporate these 7 tips when writing your host profile.

In This Article:

    1. Establish Credibility
    2. Be Relatable
    3. Be Honest
    4. Tell A Story
    5. Demonstrate Local Knowledge
    6. Stress Availability
    7. A Down-to-Earth Profile Pic

Establish Credibility host profile

Right away, make it clear that you know this business well. Don’t make it sound too stuffy; only listing your accolades will immediately alienate readers by making you seem bourgeois. You have to list some kind of statistic or other factoids about your experience, though, to come off as really credible.

Ex.: “I’m Dustin, and I’ve been hosting short-term renters in Scottsdale for the past eight years. Although I love Scottsdale, I also have a passion for meeting people from cultures around the world. Hosting allows me to scratch my travel itch while periodically meeting wonderful new renters.”

Be Relatable

Picture the type of people you ideally want to attract to your listing. Now write as if you are the person you are imagining. Tell a bit about your likes and dislikes, especially those concerning your accommodations. If you write this part correctly, it should help you attract your dream renters.

Almost no matter what kind of renter you are writing for, casual language is a good idea. People tend to write a bit more formally than they speak, using more complex sentences and non-contracted phrases (“it is” instead of “it’s,” for example). Resist that urge, and write like you would speak to a friend.

Ex. if renting ranches in Arizona: “I’ve been riding and training horses since I was a kid. My dad owns a few ranches around Arizona, and I’m lucky enough to be helping him rent them out.”

Be Honest 

Although it’s fine to take on a slightly different personality to appeal to your ideal renters, it’s never a good idea to flat-out lie.
You have to include at least a sentence or two showing that you are a really genuine, even vulnerable person. Talk about what you care about and what makes you upset. The actual information does not matter; this bit is meant to show readers that you are not afraid to speak the truth in your writing. It builds trust.
Of course, try your best not to alienate anyone with the things you say.
Ex.: “My favorite qualities in the people I meet are openness and the desire to travel to new destinations. The opportunities to meet new people are one of the reasons I got into the vacation rental business in the first place.”

Tell A Story host profile

a warm welcome from a renter | Tell A Story | How To Write A Good Host Profile: 7 Things To Include

Capture the reader’s imagination with a story that demonstrates your values. People are a lot more likely to read your bio if most of it is a colorful anecdote rather than a boring list of accomplishments.
Ex.: “Back in 2015, I was backpacking through the mountains in Chile with my girlfriend (now wife), and we met a 90-year old Chilean couple living in a cabin… [short anecdote]… ever since then, I’ve embraced the “grab life by the horns” philosophy, and I try to help others do the same.”

Demonstrate Local Knowledge

Demonstrate that you know the town or city or geographical area where the property is located like the back of your hand. If the guests are ever at a loss for where to go out for Mexican food or where to buy sunglasses nearby, you’ll be able to help. Even if they want to travel out of town to the nearest waterpark, you know where they should go.
This is extremely important for any host profile because it directly addresses the main downside for renters staying at a vacation property: unfamiliarity with the area.
Ex.: “I grew up in Flagstaff, and I know the town better than I know some of my best friends. In fact, I’m a pretty prolific Google reviewer for local businesses.”

Stress Availability

If you live near the property, make sure to mention it! Even if not, remind the reader that you are only a phone call (or whatever your instant contact method of choice is) away. The local knowledge you mentioned from the previous tip is a bit useless to the renter if you’re not there to share it. It’s also a huge plus to renters if the property owner is nearby to take care of any necessary repairs.
Ex.: “I spend most of my year in Yuma, within a few miles of all of my properties. If you want to chat about the area or need help with the house or just want to grab dinner (I know some great local places), don’t hesitate to give me a ring!

A Down-to-Earth Profile Pic

a warm, cozy room for rent | A Down-to-earth Profile PC | How To Write A Good Host Profile: 7 Things To Include

Your photo is probably the most critical part of your bio because a good one is attention-grabbing and really does say 1,000 words. Some guidelines for a great photo include:

  • Relate it to your bio. The story you write down should be continued in your photo.
  • Keep it casual. Remember this isn’t Linkedin, and don’t post a boring headshot in a suit.
  • Again, picture your ideal renter. What would one of their classier Facebook profile pictures look like? Shoot for a host profile photo that looks like that.
  • Smile! A smiling host is 10 times more appealing than a stone-faced host! True story.

Take a look at most vacation rental sites, and you’ll be amazed at how little effort (if any at all) most hosts put into their host profile. Don’t let that be you!


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