Grand Canyon mountain view with blue sky and white cloud | Feature | 8 Things To Do At The Grand Canyon | Arizona Guide

8 Things To Do At The Grand Canyon | Arizona Guide

Grand Canyon National Park, this spectacular park, is one of the Seven Wonders of the World that needs no further introduction. There are tons of things to do at the Grand Canyon from canyon trail rides to viewing the canyon from the seat of a helicopter. To help you out with your trip, here is a list of things to do at the Grand Canyon.

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In this article:

Things to do in the Grand Canyon…

  1. Ride a Bike 
  2. Go Hiking 
  3. Go on a Rafting Trip 
  4. Ride a Mule
  5. Have a View from the Grand Canyon Skywalk
  6. Helicopter Flight over the canyon


Countless Things to Do at the Grand Canyon Awaits You in Arizona

Ride a Bike 

a girl wearing helmet and riding bike with the mountain view | Ride a Bike in the Grand Canyon | 8 Things To Do At The Grand Canyon | Arizona Guide

Nothing can be more irresistible to cyclists looking for a great opportunity to combine a fun bike ride with an amazing wilderness experience than a bike ride on the trail and see the canyon.

Even though cycling in the canyon is limited, there are still many other options for you to enjoy your cycling experience to the fullest. As you ride your bike along the pathways, you can stop at any time to take a look at the natural view, breathe in the refreshing air, even the wildlife up close. If you forgot to bring your bike along, then you can rent one in the canyon.


Go Hiking

Next on the list of things to do at the Grand Canyon is to go hiking in the canyon. If you want to have a long hike while viewing the gorgeous scenery, the Grand Canyon offers then this is definitely the choice for you.

After a long day of wandering and witnessing its beauty, you can have a little rest and spend the night at one of the hotels located inside the park. With different options to choose from, you can be sure to have a good night’s rest to prepare for the next day.


Go on a Rafting Trip  

a man wearing hat is having a rafting trip surrounded by moutains | Go on a Rafting Trip in the Grand Canyon | 8 Things To Do At The Grand Canyon | Arizona Guide

Going hiking might be an exciting and exciting activity. Still, it would help if you carefully considered going for a hike in the summer as the hot Arizona heat is unforgiving to hikers.

The Grand Canyon offers you another different activity to do in the scorching sun and see the canyon from another perspective. Consider going white water rafting along the Colorado River. However, if you’re not up for an adventurous rafting experience, consider going on a float trip. It may be a little exciting, but it still gives you the joy of exploring the canyon from a new perspective.


Ride a Mule

Another thing to try is riding a mule explore to the Rim or the canyon’s depths.

Taking a trail tour on the back of a mule is an adventure in itself and gives you plenty of memories to share with your friends and family. Horses may be big and fast, but when it comes to enduring the heat, mules are definitely more suitable. They have solid steps, slow and steady, making their way down the rocky, Cliffside trail with you on their backs. Some consider this one of the best activities to do here


Have a View from the Grand Canyon Skywalk

Considering all the things we mention as things to do in the Grand Canyon, this can be seen as a must-do activity when you come here.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a large bridge with a transparent glass floor. The bridge allows visitors to walk 70 feet out over the canyon and better view the canyon from a spectacular 4000-foot-above vantage point.

On top of it, the restaurant located there will elevate your taste buds with delicious American cuisine. Combining with the phenomenal view, this can undoubtedly be an out of this world dining experience.


Helicopter Flight over the canyon

Lastly, on the things to do at the Grand Canyon list, you need to look at the whole canyon’s view. And there’s no better way to get a view of the entire majestic Grand Canyon than from the seat of a helicopter. 

The epic views from the helicopter are perfect for anyone who loves to take pictures. This is truly a fantastic opportunity for you to witness the Grand Canyon in all of its glory. The helicopter flight also offers you private tours and charters to customize your experience. And for those who are getting ready to propose to your soulmate or special occasion, these flights will give you the chance to create ever-lasting memories for you and your loved ones.  

There might be many things to do at Grand Canyon National Park, but you need to prepare everything before the trip. List out the things you want to do, look at the date and time beforehand. Schedule them efficiently, so you don’t waste any time there. Most of all, prepare yourself for the most enjoyable time you are visiting here.


What other activities do you think should be on the Things to do at the Grand Canyon? Tell us in the comment section below.

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