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Social Media Planning — A Winning Strategy Guide For Home Accounts

On today’s internet, being able to organize a proper social media planning campaign and create a buzz around your product is nearly essential in running a successful property rental business. BOOMSTR employs a team of social media experts who know the medium backward and forwards, and they’ve put together the shortlist of tips below.


In This Article:

  1. Form Strategies for Each Network
  2. Have All Content Point to One Message
  3. Sync Content Delivery to Multiple Accounts
  4. Take Advantage of Trending Content
  5. Always Be There for Customers
  6. Use Multimedia!
  7. Don’t Do Only Promotional Posts
  8. Encourage Customers to Speak Out
  9. Include Your Social Media Tags
  10. Look At What’s Working


Form Strategies for Each Network

image of social media platforms | Form Strategies for Each Network | Social Media Planning -- A Winning Strategy Guide For Home Accounts

People often try to do social media for themselves; just create one post and automatically share that same post to all of their social network profiles. It’s a bad idea.

What they should be doing is developing social media strategies for each network before they even begin publishing. They should ask themselves questions like what audience they are trying to reach with each network because you can be sure each network has a different clientele.


Have All Content Point to One Message

Even though you want different content on different social platforms, it should all fall under the “theme” of your branding and mission statement. That means you should try to stick to similar colors and general vibes across all of your social media content.


Sync Content Delivery to Multiple Accounts

This might seem to contradict our first point directly, but hear us out; you can use a really great picture or video on multiple platforms if it has broad appeal, but you should then edit the caption to make it targeted for each platform’s audience.

It’s a good way to reach a broader audience with original content or particularly great finds.


Take Advantage of Trending Content

One of the most powerful marketing resources social media sites offer are lists of trending hashtags or topics. Review the lists regularly for each site, and let them guide your social media posting if they can be tied into your property rental business.

For example, let’s say the hashtag @nationalparks is trending on Instagram, and you’re renting properties in Southern Arizona. You could find a list of Southern Arizona National Parks or an eye-catching picture showcasing local National parks and use the caption to tie the trending hashtag to your business.


Always Be There for Customers

Whenever a customer is on your business’s social media page, give them the impression (whether it’s true or not) that you are online and ready to answer any questions they may have.

For example, make sure to stay near your social media-connected smartphone at all times, and set your status always to show you’re online. Or, even better, set up a chatbot to greet customers when they come to your business’s page and field any questions.


Use Multimedia!

Eye-catching photos or videos increase the visibility of your social media posts exponentially. They can pay off big-time if they’re targeted correctly, so do not hesitate to pour a little bit of money into your social media content budget.

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Don’t Do Only Promotional Posts

It’s tempting to end every post with “at [your business name], we can help!” Resist that temptation!

At least 60% of your posts should be aimed solely at getting people’s interest and delivering high-quality content. Once you’ve got them enjoying your brand, they’ll be much more receptive to the more salesy posts you upload.


Encourage Customers to Speak Out

Lots of customer testimonials will really strengthen your credibility on social media, so it’s an excellent idea to ask people who rent your properties to share their experiences online. It’s even a good strategy to offer a small “bonus” with their booking (like a local guidebook or souvenir) if they do so.


Include Your Social Media Profile Names

a women is updating social media profile information | Include Your Social Media Tags | Social Media Planning -- A Winning Strategy Guide For Home Accounts

Make sure that all promotional materials and pamphlets related to your property rental business include the profile names (and preferably even QR codes) for each of your social media accounts. This will not only help with customer follow-up but will also help interested renters to find your online presence.


Look At What’s Working

Do not ignore your competition. In fact, every now and then, you should visit your biggest competitors’ social media accounts and look at which of their posts got the most likes and other engagement. Whatever kind of content made that post so popular should become a cornerstone of your next social media campaign.

You should also pay attention to what’s working in your own social media feeds. What are people responding positively to? Focus on that instead of just posting whatever type of content comes to your mind.

Social media planning is extremely complicated, and these tips represent just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how to do it right. We encourage you to either do some more research yourself or entrust the media planning team at BOOMSTR to help you out.



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