TurnKey Technology Business For Sale

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Starting at $5,995

No Employees, No Stocking of Product, Paid Daily

Passive {$1,200 to $10,000+ a month} Income Generator

Clustering Our Hotspots Can Generate Thousand in Monthly Income

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Own your crypto mining passive income machine with little to NO effort once it is set up?
The fastest and easiest way to build a passive income
all with our help and assistance.
  • We will instruct you on how to build an IoT Network successfully 
  • The choice between 3, 6, 12, or 18 Hotspots you own, and you keep 60% of the HNT produced every day, which can immediately be turned into cash.   
  • Free property evaluation reports
  • Strategic planning engineer, coaching, and implementation
  • Access to our million-dollar team:
    - We show you how to determine the perfect location
    - Where to install
    - What type of antenna {Included: DBI High Gain Antenna & Cable}
    - Installation of the Hotspot for maximum efficiency
  • Easy to follow instructions on how to maintain the efficiency of your hotspots
  • Direct access to our massive rollout plan and how to plug it into our system
  • Direct access to our success team through Whatsapp

  • Become an all-star agent

    Why Partner with us: 

    We have the hotspots
    having your inventory is critical to your growth.  It’s like opening up a hamburger shop and not having any hamburgers.

    We have the know-how and technology behind us.
    This is critical in your success; by doing it correctly the first time, you can immediately see your success.

    We help you eliminate the guesswork as you will know how much you will make on each location before ever making a commitment.

    We will help you optimize each location, allowing you maximum income and efficiencies.

    We have the success blueprint.
    This is probably the most important of all features.  Doing this incorrectly would be throwing your business into the garbage, as we have seen many try with no success because they are missing some of the most critical steps in their success.

    Why would you leave your business to chance?
    when we have the expertise and know-how.  In most cases, you will generate sufficient revenue to recoup 100% of your acquisition costs in months.

    While supplies last, we are providing the following:
    {Revenue model below based upon $420 per month on each Hotspot}

    Package #1

    Your Passive income is estimated at $1,260/mo



    • 3 hotspots
    • 3 high gain antennas
    • success team access
    • master blueprint
    • location evaluation reports
    • and so much more
    Package #2

    Your Passive income is estimated at $2,520/mo



    • 6 hotspots
    • 6 high gain antennas
    • success team access
    • master blueprint
    • location evaluation reports
    • and so much more
    Package #3

    Your Passive income is estimated at $5,040/mo



    • 12 hotspots
    • 12 high gain antennas
    • success team access
    • master blueprint
    • location evaluation reports
    • and so much more
    Package #4

    Your Passive income is estimated at $7,560/mo



    • 18 hotspots
    • 18 high gain antennas
    • success team access
    • master blueprint
    • location evaluation reports
    • and so much more

    Become a Business owner with boomSTR LLC

    If you're interested in becoming a Business owner with boomSTR LLC to help us proactively spread the word throughout the STR community, wouldn’t you like to earn five or even a 6 figure passive income? In that case, we put together a unique package limited to availability.

    boomSTR has strategically aligned with the Helium IoT network to support business-minded entrepreneurs.  By plugging into a proven system to generate consistent monthly income by helping build out Helium's groundbreaking wireless IoT network.
    What makes the Helium IoT network unique is that anyone with the technology can share in the fees generated from the use of the IoT network in their area. This can potentially generate hundreds, even thousands of dollars per month at little or no cost to the household or business!

    For assisting Helium in building out their IoT network, compensation per Hotspot is provided. And as the local networks grow and data usage increases, their Hotspots generate more and more income.


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