BoomSTR uses powerful tools to create a visually exciting and dynamic listing that is priced competitively, and provides travelers with the impulse to book.

We do it all for you, from conversion tracking, to back-linking, landing page testing and targeted ad copy, we capture and maximize leads for your online campaigns.


Words matter! Property descriptions, video scripts, homepage copy, host and owner profiles, biographies, mission statements, brand philosophies, newsletters, blogs, website copy, and advertising copy. Our boomSTR team of professional copywriters can craft authentic, compelling content that fosters an emotional connection to you and your property. When you write authentic copy, travelers will literally step into your photos and imagine themselves enjoying everything your property has to offer. That way, they’re more likely to hit “book now” instead of continuing to look elsewhere for accommodations.


BoomSTR supports you with keyword research and selection, as well as optimization of high performing keywords. Maintaining high page rank ensures the most possible eyes on your listing all year long. From conversion tracking, to back-linking, landing page testing and targeted ad copy, we understand how to capture and maximize leads from your online campaigns. Over time, this will create highly relevant customer profile data enabling you to maximize ROI from dollars spent on marketing.


To be a leader in the STR industry, you need to provide travelers with innovative visual experiences. From stellar photography, to virtual 3D tours, interactive maps, animated tours, interactive floor plans, and drone videography, boomSTR coordinates visual marketing services for your property. This will ensure that you stand out from the crowd. We begin with a consultation to see where you’re doing well and where your listing needs some visual sparkle. Then we recommend a specific plan of action to get your listing in top form ASAP.


The boomSTR system includes expert analysis to review what you have in place, then make suggestions that will make a clear difference for your listing(s). This in-depth analysis includes, using our bed configurator, pricing autopilot, integrated calendar, and visual enhancements to your listing.


Why is professional copywriting important to my listing?

You’ve heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” but the fact is, people do. It’s hard enough to get travelers to your specific listing. So, you don’t want to lose them because your profile doesn’t communicate well. Keep in mind, travelers look at your photos first, then read your profile to learn about you and the property. If they are reading the profile, it means you did a good job with photos, but if your profile doesn’t connect emotionally with people, chances are they’ll move on and keep shopping. In today’s competitive environment great copy matters! boomSTR’s team of professional copywriters can help you communicate clearly and effectively with potential travelers, so they click “book now” instead of moving on.

I have professionally done photos, how can boomSTR improve the visual element of my listing?

Even professional photographers may struggle to capture the essence of the amenities and features most travelers are looking for. Most are not trained to take photographs specifically for the STR market; including the kind of light, the angle of a photo, and the story you are telling to compel the traveler to book. The boomSTR creative team is skilled in assessing your current listing and suggesting improvements, additions, or an entirely new set of photos.

My listing is up on all the major booking sites. Why do I need SEO?

In addition to having your listings on the major booking sites, and being pushed out by our channel manager, it’s important to include a range of specialty keywords and to be listed on several niche travel websites that serve clients that may be interested in your home. SEO and other digital marketing tactics ensure that your home is seen by the millions of travelers who look for properties on the internet search engines like Google and Yahoo. Many travelers simply type “Vacation rental house palm springs” into a general web search. Without optimizing your home for top SEO results, these millions of travelers won’t be able to find you.


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