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The BoomSTR Advantage – Direct Booking Supported by Effective Digital Marketing

The financial performance of your STR is highly dependent on five factors: the quality of your listing, the effectiveness of your marketing, your ability to get direct bookings and how you take care of your property and your travelers.

With BoomSTR, you take good care of your property and your travelers. We do the rest!

It starts with a dazzling, fully integrated, e-commerce enabled website for your property or portfolio of properties. Your BoomSTR-Built micro site features a modern, attractive display of photos and important information about you and your property. Most importantly, its’ supported by full SEO, channel integration, direct booking engine, calendar and e-commerce capability. Travelers will be drawn to your alluring listing and able to book directly with you in seconds. You’ll also have specialized agreements and policies to use from the BoomSTR library to ensure your bookings are on YOUR terms.

Once your “window to the STR world” is up and running, BoomSTR Digital Marketing Services ensures that you get and retain high ranking in Google search through a constant flow of relevant content, review and analysis of your ad spend, SEO review and optimization, keyword research, conversion tracking, social media content and copy for listing page optimization. 

Now that you’re fully-optimized BoomSTR gets your listing out to dozens of relevant websites through our Channel Manager tools and consults with you to enhance the details of your listing that can lead to tens of thousands of added income annually. We consult with you about your photos, your copy, your calendaring rules, your bed configuration and suggest enhancements to your property that travelers love and expect.

That’s how BoomSTR helps you build your brand, get more direct bookings, increase the ROI on your ad spend, optimize your listing and generate more bookings, better bookings and higher profits.

Build Your STR Business by Freeing Yourself from Dependency on the Big Booking Sites!

At BoomSTR, we love the big booking sites because they’re always going to be a major source for bookings. But too much of a good thing is bad! BoomSTR clients enjoy the best of what the big booking sites provide, but gain independence by building their own direct bookings and customer database over time. That’s the best of both worlds and it's what savvy hosts and operators are doing to maximize their income potential.

More Bookings. Better Bookings. Higher Profits.

That’s the BoomSTR pledge. All you have to do is what you already do best: take great care of your property and your travelers.

BoomSTR Clients Also Enjoy:

- Professional Support and Analysis of Your Listing Copy, Photos and Property

- Professional Support and Analysis of Your Calendar Rules, Pricing and Bed Configuration

- Professional Support and Analysis of Your Ad Spend 


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