You take care of your physical property, we do everything else with Market-Host!

If managing your STR has become a much bigger job than you can handle, boomSTR Market-Host is perfect for you. A friendly face, a savvy partner to welcome travelers to your property. A reliable professional who will promptly respond to questions and monitor inquiries round the clock. The boomSTR team co-hosts a wide variety of properties that generate consistent 5-Star reviews and six figure incomes. We’d love to help you earn more while doing less!



* Exclusive Vacation Rental Property Software Platform
* State-of-the-Art Websites with Direct Booking Capability
* Websites Integrated with Vacation Rental Booking Software
* Optimized Pricing & Fully-Integrated Calendaring
* Super Host status associated with your property
* 24/7 Online Owner Access
* View all Rental Activity Online


* Fully Integrated Calendar across all booking sites
* Dynamic Pricing Autopilot Service to maximize income
* Property and listing pages upgrade review & suggestions
* Channel Manager service to ensure large-scale listing distribution
* Search engine optimization (SEO)
* Social media coordination -- Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.
* Property Direct Booking website with ecommerce capability


BoomSTR manages your listing across multiple booking sites through our Channel Manager. We’ll optimize your listing, connect it to our Pricing Autopilot and calendar management tools and handle all booking inquiries for you. We can also optimize your listing through suggestions for copy editing, photographs, other visual presentation and more!


BoomSTR will devise and implement your complete social media marketing strategy to align with your digital marketing budget. boomSTR will keep track of the content on your listing ads to keep it fresh and to reflect important events, landmarks, and things to do in your local area. We’ll also focus on driving traffic directly to your property website.


BoomSTR manages every aspect of booking your property, from initial inquiries to signed agreements. We can utilize your existing set of agreements and policies, or suggest improvements from our own collection of documents that protect your rights and revenue. All your bookings are conveniently tracked and recorded through Market-Host, and you can login anytime to track your revenue and expenses.


Travelers often ask a lot of questions before booking and during their stays. Market-Host responds to all traveler questions, requests and problems during their stay, so you don’t have to! We can even connect directly to your cleaning, servicing and maintenance teams to quickly resolve traveler problems before and during their stay.


Can Market-Host add my listing to additional booking sites?

Absolutely!  Our channel management service makes it easy and automated to add your listing to over 60 booking websites throughout the world with over 200 million visitors every month.

How can Market-Host get more eyeballs on my listing?

Market-Host uses several tools and technologies simultaneously in order to broaden your connections to travelers. Best of all, we drive traffic directly to your home’s direct booking website. You can learn more about all of these services under the Digital Marketing page on this website.

What’s special about your Market-Host contracts?

We’ve been in the business a long time and we’ve learned that your ability to protect your property, your revenues, and your business reputation is only as good as the agreements you have with travelers. Our agreements are drafted specifically to reduce the chances that travelers will be successful in using the credit card dispute process to manufacture refunds not provided for in the terms of the Rental Contract.