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boomSTR has partnered with iHub Global and the Helium IoT network to support property management companies, hosts, and STR owners, through expanding Helium's groundbreaking wireless IoT network.

What makes the Helium IoT network unique is that anyone with the technology can share in the fees generated from use of the IoT network in their area. This can potentially generate hundreds, even thousands of dollars per month at little or no cost to the household or business! iHub Global is a technology distribution firm that helps place Helium network “Hotspots” (small electronic boxes) in homes and businesses for free.

For STR owners, hosts and managers, simply placing the technology in their homes can increase monthly profits per square foot substantially. For assisting Helium and iHub in building out their IoT network, compensation per Hotspot is provided. And as the local networks grow and data usage increases, their Hotspots generate more and more income.

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