Boomstr Short Term rental marketing services


Short-term rentals are now big business. Competition is stronger and better financed than at any previous time. Data suggests STR’s will continue to gain ground against hotels and resorts in the coming years. That means more competition from investment funds, large portfolio managers and even the big booking sites.

To survive, much less succeed, individual STR hosts and those with small portfolios must have efficient and effective marketing plans.

5 reasons - marketing report

This report is packed with actionable tactics and strategies you can start implementing right away to get more bookings and generate more revenue, even if you operate only one property.

It is courtesy of BoomSTR, the digital marketing agency focused solely on creating solutions for STR owners, operators and hosts.

In this special report you'll discover five ways to maximize your STR Income:

Learn Why:

  • Not Having a Direct Booking Website is Killing Your Income Potential
  • Not Showing Up on the First Page of Google Search is a BIG Problem
  • Not Having a Dazzling & Alluring Listing is Turning Bookings Away
  • Not Optimizing Social Media Content Renders it Almost Useless
  • Not Having a Marketing Plan = Throwing Your Marketing Money Away

Today, a true movement towards Direct Booking is gaining momentum. Savvy STR operators know they’ll always need the big booking sites for a big share of their income, but they want the freedom and flexibility of Direct Booking as well.

If you’re not yet set up for Direct Booking, Get your FREE copy on the five ways to maximize your STR Income, and start taking action today to boost your Direct Bookings and enjoy long-term benefits like:

  • Building Your Own Customer List for Repeat Business
  • Saving 15 to 20% on Every Direct Booking You Get
  • Gaining Independence from the Big Booking Sites
  • Having a Fully-Optimized Marketing Engine for Your STR
  • Keeping Your Calendar Filled with High-Quality Bookings

Even if you plan to rely mostly on the big booking sites for most of your bookings, you need to have a true marketing plan that incorporates social media today, because more and more travelers are searching for additional information about you and your property online BEFORE they book a stay. So, you can’t rely only on your AirBnB or VRBO listing alone.

The good news is you really can have a fully coordinated and optimized marketing plan that gets you and your property out to travelers on Facebook, in Google Search and on dozens of other sites where travelers can find you.

Imagine the power of having:

  • Fresh and engaging content published across the Internet monthly
  • Linking that content to your own website for Direct Bookings
  • Optimizing your content for smartphones (most travelers want this)
  • Having your Direct Booking site on Page 1 of Google Search
  • Generating more and better bookings for consistently higher ROI

Get your free copy on the five ways to maximize your STR Income today and learn the secrets that savvy operators use every day to get those “book now” clicks month after month!