LurnSTR Coming 2021

Knowledge is power. Whether you’re managing one property or a hundred, it’s important to stay up to speed on your market, trends, technology and innovations.

LurnSTR is your one-stop shop for staying in the know about the STR industry, as well as helpful tips, tricks, tactics and strategies to boost your competitive edge.


LurnSTR tutorial library is filled with helpful
video-based training that covers specific topics critical to keeping your edge in the market. Most are based in a how-to format that focuses on one or two things you can do right away to make your listing page sparkle, upgrade your home, or property, boost your social media success, manage your pricing and calendar and much more!

 Market News

Global and national forces, regional news and local issues all impact your short-term rental business. LurnSTR  stays on top of trending news that you need to know from changes in rules and regulation to changing consumer and travel trends, and from emerging markets to broad demographic and business news that keeps you informed. Education is provided in the live and recorded audio, video, and webinar formats, making it easy to watch or listen whenever and wherever you want.


Technology innovation continues to alter the landscape of the travel industry and the STR niche. While BoomSTR/LMPM incorporates unique state-of-the-art technology tools and services, something new is always emerging. Our innovation updates provide you the need-to-know information in the market, on the booking sites and with regard to marketing your property.


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