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5 Benefits of Direct Booking Software

With today’s technologies, the booking process has become a lot easier than it used to be. A smooth direct booking system can help you expand your business and gain more revenue. Additionally, direct booking software can connect your property to the potential guests and skip some unnecessary steps. Let’s have a look at these benefits of direct booking software. 

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In This Article:

  1. Save Time and Money
  2. More Efficient 
  3. Understand Your Business 
  4. Faster Process 
  5. Stay Ahead of the Competition


A Good Direct Booking Software Will Help Your Business Grow

Save Time and Money

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Answering phone calls from people looking to book and answering their questions about the available option can be a real hassle for both you and your customer service team. Not to mention the requirement to hire the staff and set up a phone-based booking system. Potential guests may phone at all hours, meaning the staff also need to be available around the clock.

Direct booking software will help you save money setting up the call center and hiring extra staff to handle the phone calls. Using direct booking software, you free up a lot of your precious time compared to using phone bookings.

Another out-standing advantage is letting the customer choose the time they seem fit to contact you. Most phone booking systems rely on your visitors contacting you during office hours, but not many people have the time to call as they also have work to do. You can also only answer one customer at a time unless you set up multiple lines.


More Efficient

A useful tool for you to solve the problem with customers wanting to contact you and booking outside office hours can be your lifesaver in this competitive industry. The booking software allows the customer to search for the best option for them on your booking platform, book, and pay directly. In other words, it will save you or your staff time because the guests will fill in the necessary information. 

Even more than that, staff can complete other duties instead of waiting for the phone to ring. You can assign them tasks and focus on improving the services level. Meanwhile, you can even reduce human error.


Understand Your Business

Direct booking software usually comes with analytics tools that help hosts view statistics. They help keep track of the reservations and related information. These details regarding the guests will help you have better insights, save guest preferences, and determine which properties are popular among them. From that, you can focus on fixing what you lack and improve what you have done right. 

Monitoring statistics is one of the best ways to have an overall view of how your business is doing. Whether it is thriving or having problems gaining enough revenue, you will get a lot of valuable information when you use booking software. 


Faster Process 

Conventional booking procedures require you to have much direct contact with customers to get all the information. It can be very repetitive and take a lot of time as sometimes the customers may not be available. To complete a booking, you might need up to a dozen calls, not to mention the error or wrong information given to you. You can avoid all of this if you invest in a direct booking system. With it, you can display the availability and vacancy of your property for the customers to see. 

If needed, the customers will be able to contact you directly, whether on the website or by calling through the contact details listed on the site. Guests can finish the confirmation online, so you won’t have to write down the booking details while talking on the phone. 

The booking software can even drastically reduce no-shows as guests will receive a quick reminder about their reservation. Even if they don’t show up, you will still have the commission fee they paid when they decide to book, and the software will automatically free the reservation making it available for booking again. Therefore, no-shows will be less costly.


Stay Ahead of the Competition

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With ever-changing technology, taking your time to learn, research, understand, and utilize the power of the internet is the best way to stay ahead of your competitors. Having your website with an easy-to-use interface can give you the edge and make you stand out from the crowd in the guests’ minds. 

Online bookings are not only a trend. Everyone uses it for everything in their daily life. Building a system for your property management business has become a must-do if you want to survive and thrive.

Don’t be afraid to invest money and effort to build an excellent website with great features that help the customer out with their experience even before they come to your property. Your website is often the first interaction guests have with your business. Investing in direct booking software is one way to ensure your guests get a good impression of your property from the start. 


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