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Cross-Promotion Ideas to Boost Your Marketing Campaign

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  1. What is Cross-Promotion?
  2. Why is Cross-Promotion Important?
  3. Cross-Marketing
  4. How do I Cross-Promote my Business?

What is Cross-Promotion?

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Cross-promotion is when two brands work together to target each other’s established customer base. It’s an established cross-marketing tool in the hospitality and travel industry.

A restaurant might offer a discount to customers who stay at a local guest house.
The guest house will offer a discount for the restaurant on their booking site, and the restaurant can promote the guest house on their booking site.
Both businesses will benefit from more bookings as a result.

Why is Cross-Promotion Important?

In the digital age, it’s vital to offer experiences and not just a property. You need to understand the appeal of your location. When customers book with a host, it’s often after they have already decided to visit the area. If your booking can offer information and discounts to local amenities, customers are far more likely to book your property over another.

If I’m visiting Arizona with my family, how will I keep the kids occupied for a week? If your booking page has lots of promotions from local family-friendly restaurants, along with a calendar of local events, that makes it an easy decision for me to take my family to your property. I know the host can help me fill my holiday calendar with family-friendly fun.

It’s vital to tie in with targeted, local tourism and run contests and giveaways. The bonus is that you can support tourism at the local level, and local tourism will support you.


Cross-promotion is cross-marketing. Like all marketing, you need to know your product and know your client base. If you’re not up to date across all social media platforms, you’re losing market share.

Your business is as likely to receive a booking through a social media recommendation as it is to receive a direct booking. You need an active and up to date, social media multi-platform sales presence in a competitive marketplace.

On average, potential customers only spend a few seconds on a website page; if you don’t spark their imagination and interest, they move on. You need an engaging website that links to your social media.

How do I Cross-Market My Business?

1 Do Your Research

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It’s important to understand who will be a good match to cross-promote your business with. Research the popular tour businesses and festivals in your area. You need to partner with a popular business to achieve good results.

2 Make a Plan

How do you see your partnerships working? If you have a plan laid out to bring to potential business partners, you are more likely to be successful. From there, you can both collaborate on your approach to cross-marketing.

3 Reach Out To Other Businesses That Complement Yours

You need to reach out to your community of local businesses and assess if any are a good match for collaboration.

As a property host, restaurants and activity-based businesses will be the obvious choices. Who is a popular local tour group? Have a meeting and discuss a possible cross-marketing strategy.

In many areas, there are local business network groups. Joining one of these can open up opportunities. If one is not established in your area, why not reach out to local businesses and start one?

4 Branding and Logos

When you partner with another business, you need to display each other’s logos on your websites. It can be an excellent time to freshen up your brand or logo to catch a potential customer’s eye. Look at your competitor’s branding- and aim to surpass that quality.

5 Social Platform Marketing

To effectively cross-market your property it’s best to go to an expert in the field. A marketing team can promote your property across multiple platforms and remove the headache of trying to manage this alone.

Even large companies focus more attention on social media marketing than traditional sales teams. The modern marketplace is online, and marketing platform companies understand how to promote in that space.

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We ensure our site is bursting with information about what’s happening in your area.

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