How to BOOM your Short Term Rental Revenue 20-30% This Year!


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A No-Fee Listing for More Revenue

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How Our RPM Software Works

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Ad and Digital Optimization


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  • How to gain total freedom from high-cost booking fees!
  • 3 secret systems no one else uses to boost property profits!
  • How to leverage your listings to over 200M monthly visitors!


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What is boomSTR?

We’re your partner to leverage the power of direct bookings: The Next Big Thing in the STR industry.

The Short-Term Rental industry has changed and direct bookings are here to stay. Digital marketing capability is no longer a choice and integrated listings across multiple platforms is a must. It’s challenging, constantly changing, and difficult to keep up, even for those with plenty of industry experience.

That’s why we’ve developed BoomSTR.

We help homeowners, property managers, operators and hosts stay at the cutting edge, through fully integrated channel management, direct booking capability and done-for-you digital marketing services. You’ll have a complete marketing plan for your properties, with more operational freedom and less reliance on any individual booking

What Others Are Saying:

Jim Farren

I’d managed my own properties for years in the 90’s and early 2000’s. I did well, too. But when I got back into property management in 2018 I quickly realized the game had totally changed. I did everything the old-school way. But today that just doesn’t work. Everything moves so fast. Competition for guests is intense. Integrating my listing across multiple sites was a constant headache. Frankly, I was losing money, drowning in complexity. I was doing great at taking care of my guests and my property, but I was losing money with too many unbooked dates. boomSTR helped me right the ship quickly. The Pricing Autopilot gave me the peace of mind of knowing I was competitive, without leaving money on the table. The synchronized calendaring helped me get past double booking issues. The boomSTR team is fantastic. They respond immediately to issues, but more importantly, I simply have a lot fewer issues. Things are running smoothly and I’m back into profit!

Mike Assum

I had a simple goal when I got into the STR business: I wanted to be a financial partner, help my operational partners succeed and have a lot of fun giving people wonderful travel experiences. We found a terrific property and got it set-up and on the market. But as we tried to put all of the “21st Century” marketing tactics and strategies in place, we started treading water. I found myself on weekly calls with my partners, trying to help solve technology issues I had no real understanding about. Luckily, we found boomSTR. The boomSTR team did a complete assessment of our property, showing us why we were encountering challenges and then gave us a roadmap to solve them. In essence, they took over the marketing, while we kept taking good care of our guests. Within weeks, our bookings were way higher, our income was way up and our headaches were gone! We’ll do over $150,000 this year and earn a far higher profit than we did in 2019.

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