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  • See with your own eyes why our market-leading research guides investment decisions for the most prolific family offices in the US


  • Witness our never-before seen angel investment opportunities in Technology, Real Estate, and Cryptocurrency that have revolutionized our collective investment landscape


  • Tap into the philosophies and best practices that create stronger, happier, more successful families that know how to operate optimally while building generational wealth

When You Join Us, You'll...


On Day 1, we’ll kick off the investment portion of our meeting with an in-depth update on ACCESS Venture Fund I and II, our Insiders-only tech funds. As a family, we’re in our 9th year of investing in early-stage companies and we’ve had significant success, and 94% of Insiders asked us to put a Fund together. So we did… twice.

We’ll go over:

  • - Investment and performance updates on the companies and other Funds we’re currently invested in
  • - Some BIG NEWS on one company (including the current value of our investment and the impact on that Fund overall)
  • - PLUS, an update on our real estate and private lending fund generating roughly 11% IRR and paying quarterly distributions

Following the Venture Fund update, we’re treating our Insiders (and YOU as our guest) to some incredible real estate and tech-focused guest speakers...of the kind that only ACCESS could deliver. We’re talking CEOs of major industry-disruptors and managers of investment funds with impressive (to say the least) track-records...basically, the kind of people our family invests with that we share with Insiders. You will NOT want to miss them.


The next focus of our meeting is a simple one: taking you and your family to the next level. Laddering up, as we like to call it, even though (and precisely because) you’ve already reached a lofty rung. This notion of OPTIMIZATION is a core pillar of what we do as a Stech Family Office, and it’s our privilege to help lead you through what’s worked for us and our Insiders. We’ll share 2 modules for you in this category:

  • we’ve learned to claw back 10% of our time (16.8 hours) every week, every year, in order to reinvest in the TOP 10% of profit and fulfillment producing activities
  • Hyper-advanced strategies to optimize your LEGACY, and put your family on a new, better trajectory.


Every quarter, we deliver a brand new, 100+ slide presentation on The State of the Union for Real Estate Investors and Private Lenders: what’s happening now and what’s coming NEXT.

We’ll cover:

  • - The micro and macroeconomic trends that reveal the current and future trajectory of our economy
  • - The BIG THREE Housing Market indicators that make up affordability, and where they’re heading
  • - Our forecasts for home price appreciation, sales and listing volumes, the release of distressed inventory and more
  • And not to brag, but the Q3 edition of this presentation received a rating of 9.8 out of 10 from our Insider community!

Immediately following our real estate research, we’ll dive into our 30-minute, 50+ slide presentation on The State of the Union for Private Equity Investors: Early-Stage Venture and Game-Changing Technologies.

  • We’ll be going in-depth on our two favorite venture sectors: Proptech (property technology) and Fintech (financial technology)
  • Again, hate to showboat, but The Q3 edition did receive a rating of 9.7 out of 10 from our Insider community :)

Who is Dave Stech?

Dave Stech is a real estate and tech angel investor who believes TIMING is the single most important word in investing. And in life. 

Dave gets the timing right through research (his unfair competitive advantage), which he’s used to successfully get in and out of real estate at the perfect time during each of the last 4 market shifts. He now shares that same research every quarter in the form of his free housing market update webinars. 

Dave’s second core belief is in the power of ACCESS. In Q3 2020, Dave launched AVF, a private equity venture capital fund for the 99% of investors who lack the one thing they really need as a private equity investor: access to fully-vetted, high-upside deal flow they simply can’t get on their own. That fund has quadrupled in value in its first 6 months.

Beyond his own real estate and tech investments, Dave provides private capital to his network of high-volume house flippers, and teaches that same strategy to already-successful people who want to add a zero to their incomes and net worth. 

Dave heads up Stech Family Office with his two sons, Josh and Blake. They attracted over $80 million dollars in 2020 for their own operating companies and investment funds in real estate, private lending, and early stage venture technology. Six billionaires are currently co-investors with them. 

Bottom line: Dave and the Stech Family Office has cracked the code to make money and not lose it.


Your Journey with ACCESS Insiders begins NOW.

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Don't miss this opportunity to join an Insider-only meeting with Dave and his ACCESS team!

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